We host your romanian company

This is the perfect tool for SPV’s (special purpose vehicles or project companies). If you work with SPV’s in Romania there are two options: lawyer’s domiciliation and physical domiciliation (owned/rent apartment or office). With the lawyer’s option you have two major disadvantages: it’s only valid for one year and you cannot be VAT payer. The property domiciliation can be limitative: it’s expensive; you depend on some landlord who might terminate the contract at any time. Usually –as you might know – the domiciliation is fictive. Sometimes, the apartment you have the company’s address is used for residential purpose. With us, any due diligence will be clean on domiciliation.

And yes, you can apply for VAT payer documents.

Our offer

We offer legal addresses for rent, inside an office building in Bucharest, sector 3. Company domiciliation. Mail management included!

What is the price?

39 Euros/month
This is the final price, no VAT is applied
The contracts are made for one or two years, paid in advance. For the one year contract, you get 2 months for free! For two years, you have 5 months for free. There is also a deposit worth 149 Euros which is returned when the contract is terminated.


The building is located in Bucharest - Sector 3. The space is clean and secured, suited for partitions – it’s an open-space. On the interior there is a desk and some chairs than can be used if you have a visit from the state authorities.

Company domiciliation

Each module represents a physical partition in the eyes of the Commerce Register.

You will have an office building address – a great tool to host an SPV.

Interior details

The space has some office furniture – a table and chairs. It complies with the technical requirements needed for office activity. From the legal point of view, Kubix is your partner in obtaining any functioning permits or getting registered as VAT payer.

How does a shared office look like?

We manage an open-space environment with individual working stations. Everyone has their own space partition. An important service we provide for free: we redirect your mail on weekly basis!

toilets kitchen meeting-rooms wireless internet wireless copy center

Kubix - your company’s headquarters!

This initiative comes to help any entrepreneur who needs to rent workspace within a shared office space. If you study the market you find it’s neither easy nor cheap to start a company. From the beginning you have to fulfill the domiciliation conditions.

You can register the company with your lawyer – this is a temporary solution. It comes with two major disadvantages: you cannot register it as VAT payer and it doesn’t grant you an office. We are the answer! With our help you will have the solution and you can start working on your projects!


Are you an entrepreneur? Are you self employed?

You have reached the right place. You shouldn’t rent an apartment in a residential area to do business.

Be professional, get your own space!


Do you own a startup? Are you drafting a business plan?

The first step in Romania is to have a company adress. You’ve found the best tool for the company domiciliation!


Are you looking for
company domiciliation? Do you own an SPV and you’re looking for domiciliation,
other than lawyer’s hosting?

You don’t need your neighbor’s approval anymore; you don’t have to explain to your landlord things beyond his understanding. You don’t need to ask a friend for a favor.

You have your own space! You found a cheap solution for the domiciliation.

The Kubix project

Kubix delivers individual workspaces (modules) inside a shared office space. The principle is close to what Americans call "cubicles" – with individual management. These workspaces have an address – this way you can register your company at the Commerce Register. Unlike the lawyer’s domiciliation, here you are not limited in time and you can register the company as VAT payer.

Our typical client

Freelancer, has his own company or startup with no employees so far. We expect consultants, salesmen, programmers, architects, engineers, jurists, lawyers, economists, accountants, entrepreneurs, investors on startup philosophy and SPV owners.

There are no limitations, surprise us with your ideas!

Make a reservation

We invite you to book a workspace in Kubix! In the shortest time you will be contacted for details.

Why Kubix?

  • It is the best solution for company domiciliation;
  • You can be VAT payer;
  • We support you in relation to the Trade Register and Finance Administration;
  • With us you do not care about headquarters expiration. We are a long-term partner!
The reservation was made! Thank you for your choice, we will deal with your request as soon as possible. The data you sent will remain confidential.